Multiple Grove - TF Mini LiDAR


I need to implement distance measurement system, and Grove - TF Mini LiDAR seems like the right choice. However, it doesn’t come with I2C interface. I wonder what is the most effective way to connect 15 sensors to a single arduino or seeeduino?

Thanks for all the help!

If you have enough Arduino pins, you can use SoftwareSerial. @HitekAndy

Hi! Thanks for your reply. My intention is to use Arduino MKR1400 GSM, and it does not have enough pins to support 15x2 (15 sensors, Rx+Tx) connections. Is there any serial to I2C adapter that would be suitable for this application?

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Hi Support Team,

I have a project on Distance measurement in order to calculate the area and volume. I would like to use Grove TF Mini Lidar to my project. I found the communication protocol from Datasheet. Can I use the output of Grove TF Mini Lidar as input of Microcontroller for calculation?

Thank you for you help