Multiple Grove Sensors without an Arduino Shield?


I have a Grove GSR sensor connected to an Arduiono Uno through analog inputs. I am sending out the sensor data from the Serial Port to a Mac, and reading the Data in Max MSP software.

I want to connect a Heart Rate sensor to this. Do I need the Arduino Shield to connect more than one sensor?

I can connect the sensors the same way, using the analog inputs, but the issue I am foreseeing is that I won’t be able to discern the data from the two different sensors. Is there a way, in the Arduino code, to send the data from each sensor on a different channel, or have some kind of ID to split the data apart?

Thank You. Nick

I think you can customize a serial protocol.But it really depends on your application requirements. @nicnut

Thanks Baozhu. I figured something out. I am sending them both out using

Serialprintln( one sensor);
Serialprintln( the other sensor);

Then I separate the incoming list of data. Thanks.

Good job !!! @nicnut

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