Multiple Bluetooth Bee Slaves?

Hi, I have two Bluetooth Bee Standalones (the one with Arduino built in), and I’m able to pair either one of them to work as a single slave with my Arduino BT shield. However, right now I’m trying to combine both slaves into my project, so that the master will be able to communicate with two slaves at the same time (well, maybe not at the same time, since they might need to share the same BT serial channel, but you get the idea :slight_smile: ). Based on my understanding, this is technically doable, right?? I just don’t seem to find any resources on the programming of this and I’m not sure where to start… It would be great if you guys can give me some hints and point me in the right direction. THX! :smiley:

This want work because the module can’t create multiple serial interfaces like linux or windows.
You can only pair with one device and have only one serial interface.

I think you can switch between two devices with the AT commands:

start-> inquire for device 1-> receive data-> inquire for device 2-> receive data-> goto start

or use RFBee :wink:

thanks for the reply schmron, this bluetooth shield is the master I used, do you know any other board that’s capable of multiple BT serial interfaces? also, thanks for the suggestion of switching slaves, I actually thought of this before as well, I just think it’s time consuming since you have to re-establish the connection every single time, but this might be the way to go if others don’t work out :slight_smile: About RFbee, this project is actually part of my school project and I started with BT, did all the paperwork based on BT, and thought I should carry it on like that… :wink:

I think you wouldn’t find a device to use with 8-bit microcontroller.

what about the new Arduino Due that supports 32 bits. is this doable

Really impressed! Everything is very, very clear, open is a description of the problem. It contains the information.
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