multiple 433mhz simple modules

I want to have several remote modules connected to a single central arduino and want each remote to be independent. I’m not sure if I send a signal out if it will end up going to all the remotes simultaneous. Essentially the question is whether or not there is some sort of unique ID that keeps 2 of these units from having cross-talk between them.

The 433mhz module only transmits in one direction.
Transmitter -> Receiver(s).

There can be multiple transmitters and receivers, but only one can “talk at a time” without mixing up the signals.
You my find you need to transmit the same message multiple times until it is actually received without error.

If you have a single transmitter and multiple receivers, all receivers will get the message at roughly the same time.

If you want to send a message to a single receiver, you’ll need to add something unique to the receiver in the payload so other receivers know to ignore the message.

There is no unique ID. It’s very much send and forget.
There is no delivery receipt, so the transmitter has to assume it was received successfully.

If you want 2 directional or more flexibility, you should look into Wifi ESP8288, 2.4ghz NRF24L01+ or HC-06 Bluetooth.

You may wish to add a Attiny85 + transmitter at each remote location and just a receiver at your central Arduino.
Attiny85s are very cheap.