multiple 3.25" by 0.72" pieces per board?

I have a design that is 3.25" by 0.72". The service here … Path=64_12

says I can get 10 pieces that are 10 cm by 10 cm for $40

3.25" is about 8.25 cm
0.72" is about 1.83 cm

so I should be able to fit about 5 of my designs onto one “piece”, correct? in the end I get 50? (i understand i might have to cut them myself)

do I have to duplicate my design 5 times myself before generating the gerber files? or can i send the gerber files for a single design and expect 5 per sheet done for me?

it’s not a different design, i’m just trying to maximize the maximum size per sheet. so i think this should be allowed, i don’t care if i have to cut the boards myself.

I don’t think you can do that.
The guidelines for PCB state no panelization

Hello, I have the same question. They make the panelization proccess or only one piece per 10*10cm board?