Multichannel Gas Sensor with MKR1000

I’ve two Multichannel Gas Sensor and no one talk with MKR1000.

First guess is oriented to the I2C voltage level of the MKR that’s 3.3V so I’ve tried with a Seeeduino 4.2: first a 5V and all was good, then I switched at 3.3V and tried again… the Gas Sensor still works! So… why works a 3.3V with Seeeduino and won’t work a 3.3V with MKR?

Hi there,

the issue shall be related with getVersion() function. please try below 2 actions. thanks.

  1. add the while after Serial.begin

    Serial.begin(115200); // start for output



  2. please modify the cpp file

    void MutichannelGasSensor::begin(int address)


    __version = 2; // version 1/2

    r0_inited = false;


    i2cAddress = address;

    //__version = getVersion();


    unsigned char MutichannelGasSensor::getVersion()


    return 2;


Point 1: already present on my sketch.

Point 2: modified the cpp as your direction but with NO LUCK… now I pass the initialization of the sensor but it freeze when I try to read a measure (note that the sensor work also with WIO node).