multi RFID tag reading

Hello. I’m working on a school project that will require reading of multiple RFID tags at the same time. Each tag code will be read by an arduino and translated in a direction indication (such as left, right…etc.).The information from the tags will be use to set a movement path for an arduino control toy car. Right now I’m having a little bit of trouble understanding how to use the anti collision protocols for RFID. What type of tags can use those protocols and what type of reader I need?

If no products are available whit that feature do u guys have any tag that can be modified to have different response times? For example “Tag A” responds after 70 mS; “Tag B” responds after 700 mS, and “Tag C” after 200 mS. It will look like the reader had read 3 tags in one second but he actually did 3 separate readings and no collision will appear between tags

Any other suggestion for a method to read multiple tags at the same will be greatly appreciated. One last ting to mention, the tags won’t be stack one on top of another.

Any answer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

Maybe you can scan this recipe first: … cipe_id=43