Multi-Layer Boards with Fusion Service?


Can I use the Fusion Service to make a multi-layer PCB? I mean a PCB that has a ‘component’ layer, a ‘solder’ layer, and two inner ‘plane’ layers?

As an FYI, the website seems to be confusing on the subject of “layers” in general. There is a ‘pulldown’ selection called ‘Layer’ with a ‘1’ or ‘2’ as possible selections. Does that mean ‘1’ = single-sided, and ‘2’ = double-sided?

Later, the website uses the term ‘Multi Layers:’ 1 (non-ASCII character) 2 under PCB Fusion Capabilities. And in another place it describes the ‘inner layer’ copper thickness. I assume that this means I CAN make a true ‘multi-layer’ board with inner copper plane layers???



Hey Seeed Studio Guys,

I keep reading again and again that you are “trying to improve your customer service”, and yet I can’t get an answer to a simple board fabrication after TWO days??? It is poor service like this that will drive away business from your Fusion board service…

Can I get an answer to my question please???



I thought it was pretty obvious: they offer 1 or 2 layer boards.

I wish they offered a 4+ layer service, but it seems they don’t at this stage.