MR60BHA1 mmwave breath and heart

I have recently purchased this radar, but I am having trouble seeing the information on my PC.
I use the radar connected to a zk-u485.
The ZK-U485 have five inputs:
A, B, GND, GND, +5V.

I connect 5v to 5v
gnd to gnd
free gnd
A to TX
B to RX
I connect the usb to my pc but it shows no data.
I have tried to change A and B but same result.
Could anyone help me please?
thank you

Hi, the ZK-U485 seems to be an RS485 to USB device, not a UART to USB device, I don’t know if this is the right description, I’m not particularly familiar with the ZK-U485. But if there is no data it must be that the connector is not working properly. Maybe you should buy an XIAO or UART to USB device.

Ok, I’ll buy another device. Thanks for your help