MP3 player 2 with ESP32?

Has anyone had any luck getting the mp3 player v2 to work with ESP32? I tried using it first with SoftSerialESP32, then by using one of the two additional hardware serials and it keeps crashing and restarting no matter what I try to do. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to nit-pick the docs or code to try to re-write it more ESP32 friendly or potentially as an object package, and I need to do some checking this afternoon on my Uno with the default sketch to make sure the player I just received is in fact working.

But I figured I’d at least check to see if anyone has used it with an ESP32 because my project is building on a Wemos D1 Mini32 pro


You need to change the pin number definition in the code first before you compile the example code.

The pin definitions of esp32 are different from those of Arduino boards. Here is their 1-to-1 relationship.