Mounting Options for Xiao BLE

Hi just curious what options are known out there for mounting/securing the Xiao board? I know that space is at a premium on all versions of the Xiao board, and at the moment I plan to mount it using perf-board with copper dots to secure it via soldering to the Xiao.

Or I suppose I could use one of the development boards, assuming they have mounting holes.


Hello 10toes,
I’m using these , every where… Link to the video and the thingiverse files too…
GL :slight_smile:

Inspired by Renzo.

So those little yellow things are plastic or ABS from a 3-d printer?

You are correct Sir…:slight_smile: Many options for a NO-Solder or bread board friendly solution.
video and links are on here
GL :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information! For now, I don’t have a 3-d printer, so I think I will just secure the processor (and perf-board) to some wood with tie-wraps (zip-ties).

I want to get a 3-D printer in the worst way, if, for nothing else than to make enclosures for projects…

Thanks for the information!

Don Anderson

Yea they make allot of “STUFF” possible. My first one was a gift Ender3Pro…(3yrs-ago). Ah" now I have “4”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Check out my videos for more
If you’re skilled , pickup a Returned One and Fix-it. Cost of entry is “LOW” I tell everyone and anyone to get one.
It will motivate you. FOR me it went like this; :saluting_face:
Got printer gifted…
Printed everything on the internet (just kidding)
I wanted to print my own designs…
So learned Freecad and how to export to Slicer for 3D-Printing.
The ability to “Think it” and then draw it with great accuracy, then finally print it and Hold it in your hand is Empowering beyond words.
So much so…
That when Necessity POPs up and smacks you in the face, the mother of invention kicks in and the newly acquired skills take over.
May take a few iterations but a solution is inevitable.

Fast forward , Today I have a Patent Pending on my original “Novel” Mechanical device.
soon to be a utility patent. Amazing considering I’m an Electronics Eng. with a little Software dev sprinkled in. I would always leave the mechanical stuff to “Those guys” :nerd_face:.
3d printing has opened up the whole process. Mechanical Design, Electronics design, Software Development and Manufacturing. :money_mouth_face:4 Disciplines’ :sunglasses: :+1:
GL :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! I see the writing on the wall and I will be taking the plunge into 3D printing, probably with a Creality Ender 3…….

One thing I have planned to make is a true parabolic surface that I can use for focusing light for a bright light source. But mostly for now the main event will be in making enclosures and mounts for all things micro-controller……

Thanks again!



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So There’s these also. :smile:

GL :-p

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