Motorcycle Alarm


I already got Seeeduino Stalker v2 with GPS and GPRS modules and currently plan to build a motorcycle alarm system based on that.
Can you please suggest sensors for my project needs? Basically I need just tilt and shock sensors.
I think best way would be to use accelerometer. (gyro sensor would be too much?)
Can I use it as a shock sensor as well or the measurements wouldn’t be too sensitive and I would need to buy additional shock sensor?
Can you suggest some other sensors that might be useful in building the alarm system?

Grove - 3-axis Accelerometer should be ok, as it can output value of three directions. For the sensitive, you can modify it on the software part.
To be simplicity, a Grove - Tilt sensor may be also doable. And we are developing a new senor which will detect the high power of knock. It will be available after Chinese New Year.


Thanks for info! I’ll wait for that one, please keep me informed :slight_smile:

If anywhere you need to obtain motion-sensing then this is best choice.