Motor Shield V2.0 RC Car help?

Hi guys, i have an arduino uno and just picked up a motor shield and an rc car. I have set up the rc car to drive forward and backward with the motor shield via serial and connected the steering to the motor shield also. My question is, can i control the motors at different times? everytime i try to control just A or just B, the steering and back wheels both move. I would like MOTORA to be the front steering motor (OUT 1 + OUT 2) and the back wheels to be MOTORB (OUT 3 + OUT 4). Ive tried powering the front motor by just using Analog pins but there isnt enough power. Can someone please help me out? thanks :smiley:

I went through their library file because it is odd but I am also prepping to control a cheap rc car chassis!

They do indeed have a way to directly control individual motors with the seeed shield!

motordriver.rotateWithID(MOTOR_CLOCKWISE, MOTORA);

so as i know you have already gathered that will send motor “A” clockwise.

motordriver.rotateWithID(MOTOR_ANTICLOCKWISE, MOTORA);

And that sends 'er the other direction. Personally im gonna use that in conjunction with the set speeds so i can tune my steering rate and momentum.

Hope this helps!

Here we go got the basics running on my platform now I just have to build my sensor array!

demo video on youtube for proof


motordriver.rotateWithID(MOTOR_CLOCKWISE­, MOTORA);
motordriver.rotateWithID(MOTOR_ANTICLOCK­WISE, MOTORA);
motordriver.rotateWithID(MOTOR_CLOCKWISE­, MOTORB);
motordriver.rotateWithID(MOTOR_ANTICLOCK­WISE, MOTORB);

that will let you run each motor independently and in both directions.