Motor Shield v2.0/Arduino Uno running powerful RC motors?

Newbie Question re: Motor Shield v2.0. I’ve managed to get the Motor Shield 2.0 to run some small toy DC motors (and a stepper motor) from a 9V battery cell, but when I link it to a more powerful motor (Traxxas Titan 12T) the LED’s begin to blink and the unit fails. (It is Indicator 4 that quickly blinks 4 times) I am assuming the LED’s that are lighting up is an error code, possibly because the motor is drawing too much current for the motor shield to handle?

The motor does run great when I connect it directly to a 9V battery, and my multimeter shows a solid 7.0-7.3V output from the Motor Shield which is enough to turn the motor.

There is not much in terms of documentation. Is it indeed an error code? Can anyone point me to any examples of the Motor Shield v2.0 running a more powerful RC motor? I am new to this world, I may be going about this the wrong way so any information is appreciated.