Motor Shield V2.0 and stepper motor compatibility

Hi guys,
I’m a photographer and just starting a dolly engine slider. I buy an Arduino UNO SMD R3, the shield in object and a Wantai 42BYGHM809 stepper motor: probably for a incompatibility or a misconfiguration the motor seems don’t work properly.
I specify the spech: bipolar stepper motor 2.8V, 1.7A as you see in the product page, while the shield report a 6V minimum motor supply and 2A maximum. This is the problem?
I use the sketch provide in the your wiki page, connect the shield to a power supply trimmer 12V 5A (for a maximum of 60W), upload the code; then the motor vibrating but don’t rotating. Is it incompatible with motor V2 or the L298 chip?
In that case I can buy a stepper motor like Soyo SY57STH76-1006A with 1A per coil, 8,6V (NEMA 23 form factor) that it seems more compatible? Or please indicate me some model that work perfectly with the shield, then I search a model that support more of 5Kg in torque.

Or, there are a code sketch that resolve this problem and rotate the shaft?

Based on wiring diagram I connect the red and black to positive, green and blue to negative: this configuration is correct?