Motor Shield V1 + Potentiometer


I’m new to all this and I have an Arduino Uno plus a Seeed Motor Shield v1 and I would like to use a potentiometer to control the speed. My problem is when I attach the shield to the arduino all pins are “used” and I wounder where I should connect my potentiometer, I guess that I can do it on the pins for the servos, but I cant find anywhere what I should do.


The Seeed Motor Shield v1 has many Grove connectors (including those connected to analog inputs of Arduino). Use one of them to connect a Grove_-Rotary_Angle_Sensor (i.e POT) or Grove-_Rotary_Angle_Sensor or your own potentiometer.

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I was also puzzled about the various connectors on the board. The product page, and the packaging have almost no information. Even the WIKI have very little information. There is a schematic, but it is not apparent what all the abbreviations mean. This is surprising, considering the company’s dedication to ease of use, and education.

It does seem that the connectors on the two long edges are simply connected to some pins on the Arduino. And there are some of the Arduino pins that are utilized by the motor driver.

One of the perimeter connectors says G U A1 A0… I suspect G=Ground, A1 & A0=Arduino Analog pin #0, and #1. But, I don’t know what U stands for. Perhaps “unconnected”?

Its not U its V which stands for Voltage 5V.