Motor Shield v1.2 Schematic


I have the Motor Shield v1.2 from RadioShack. I’m looking for a schematic of it.

I found the v1.0 schematic on the wiki at . However, my board seems slightly different; the schematic shows SENSE A and SENSE B headers for adding current sensing resistors, presumably to measure the two main motors. I can’t seem to find these headers on my board.

Specifically I would like to check if there is some way to access the AREF pin on this board.

Are there design files for the Motor Shield v1.2 available anywhere?

No ,AREF is not connected to the board.
Desktop.rar (94 KB)

Thank you. This was very helpful.

It’s too bad RadioShack advertises these as driving 13 servos but sells no other Grove devices. I’ve ended up desoldering a number of connectors to regain access to the data and analog pins, so that I can connect my servos. I soldered another wire onto the extended pad next to the AREF pin to regain access to it as well.

How about the SENSE A and SENSE B outputs, pins 1 and 15 on the L298N chip, are they available on the v1.2 board?


Hi Scott,

They are both grounded. This is visible on the underside of the board (the huge lighter colored spaces that don’t go in any particular direction are ground planes) and in the Eagle 6 schematic file in Desktop.rar posted above.

But those pins are really huge and could be resoldered if one is adventurous.