Motor Shield Model: SLD80256P

Hi, im a arduino begginer and i want to know something:
The product “Motor Shield Model: SLD80256P”
Its says that “Supports up to 14 servos”.
How do i use a servo on this shield?
There is any tutorial for that?


the motor shield has 14 Grove connectors . each Grove connectors can be used to control a Grove servo(ROB08211P). u can ref the arduino webpage:

Thanks man! :smiley:
One last question:
What exactly is “grove”? :blush:

Thank you again! :laughing:

Actually , it is the 4 pin header interface we are using , GND VCC and two signal Pin . And we call module have these 4 pin header Grove module . You can have a look at our website page and search “Grove” to get info of it .