Motor Shield Help

I am attempting to use a Motor Shield v1.2 with a BASIC Stamp 2.
I connected the pins to 8-13 as it would on the Arduino and set the high/low of each pin according to the logic between EA(B) and INx… Am I doing something wrong?

For instance: pin 9 high, pin 8 high and pin 11 low should make motor 1 move anticlockwise. right :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a 9v source connected to the motor shield, so there is power to it and the Homework board has its own 9v battery.

Any help would be appreciated.

yes , you are right. Didn’t it work?

No, it didn’t. Guess I am missing how to handle duty cycle in my code for motor speed maybe?
Should stick with Arduino but I am better with pbasic vs c style