motor driver, all lights on

I have received 2 Grove - I2C Motor Drivers and a grove base shield. the first I tried with an Edison using the arduino IDE. on the driver all the LEDs stay on all the time and it does not respond. the 2nd I plugged into an Uno first and tried the i2cscanner, same result, all lights on, scanner does not find it. I also have a grove i2c digital compass and it works fine on both, so I know the edison, arduino and the shield’s i2c are all working.

I’m guessing there was no firmware on my driver board. I was able to flash the hex file from the wiki onto it and it works now. I’ll post a writeup for that soon.

I am able to make both drivers work on an Uno. Neither work on Edison. the compass works on edison so I know the i2c master is working.

I have the driver’s source in atmel studio and think i understand it. any tips on what to change to make it work with edison?