MotionCapture Device


it’s me Ziauddin M.K. , 1989 ,

  • Mechatronics engineering student 4th year
  • 3D games developer 5 years of experience , two commercial games
  • 3D graphics designer/animator 8 years of experience
  • Web designer 3 years of experience
  • and just bought an Arduino, and will do amazing things with it!!

here is a sample of my artwork , that arduino is a real image… but the rest is some 3d art/fan art.

our Graduation Project -lead by me- will be a motion capture device, an inertial one, <not the camera/image processing type>

as I live in the middle east, and it is not that easy to get electronics parts <unless they are *4 more expensive from the internet>, we really need help building a motion capture device.

list of things that I bought from seeedstudio:

1 ea. Arduino UNO $29.90
1 ea. 5mm Triple Output LED RGB - Common cathode (20 PCs) $5.00
1 ea. Harness for Arduino Mega/Arduino/Seeeduino Kit $8.70
1 ea. 20 pin dual female splittable jumper wire - 300mm $2.99

list of things we need:

-13 Sensors <I think we will use a combo of acceleromters,gyros,magnetometers>
-Arduino shield?

if you want to have the opportunity of donating the project parts P.M. me or


we will share the full university documentation with you
and I personally will allow the donor to use my Interactive 3D software, and share it with anyone for free.