Motion frame ...

Dear Sirs,
I connected motion frame to seeeduino film and I correctly get acceleration, but unfortunately I can’t get correct values from barometer. I get 49.2C for temperature but instead it’s about 20 degrees lower and I get negative pressure and so negative height and moreover height is very high fluctuating.
What am I getting wrong ?

Kindest regards,

Hello Andrea,
Please check the connection , and choose the right board"Arduino Pro or Pro Mini(3.3V, 8Mhz) w/Atmega168" and the upload the library “ReadBarometerData”. If you are using the library for arduin-1.0 , try you use arduino-0022 .
After some try ,if it also can not work , please sent me some info(how to use , and the data you received)of the issues .Thanks``