Motion activate XIAO ESP32S3 cam?

I have had luck making the camera web server sketch work fine with this board but due to the heat , I was thinking it might be better served as a small motion activated cam with a PIR sensor, I tried several sketches and none of them would work? Is there any way around this? Thanks

Or is this just a matter of writing the appropriate code?

delete this thread I got the code working

Hi there,
Care to share with the others who may be struggling with that example code ?
May help someone to see your solution.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

it was just some random mistake that should have been obvious but I had to look for it all is fine now , just wipe this thread

Have you checked the compatibility of the PIR sensor and other components with the board you are using for the motion-activated cam?

it is ok everything is fine thank just some coding mistake