Most Viewed Projects on Project Hub in Jan & Feb

To collect the most viewed projects on our Project Hub and to share with our community has been always on the top of my to-do list. Finally, it comes the collection of the top 10 most viewed projects in the last Jan and Feb.


This project shows how to use an Arduino to receive a call and compare the calling number with numbers saved in the microSD card, without answering! This solution works also with a plain SIM with no data plan. It’s also possible to save new authorized numbers via SMS. Check out the tutorial here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ino-003d6e”></LINK_TEXT>

Arduino GrowBox Controller

This GrowBox Controller handles temperature, humidity, fan and lights, and configuration is made via web server. CSV logs and remote cloud! Check out the tutorial here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ler-efb9fa”></LINK_TEXT>

Pothole Finder

This project was inspired by personal experience. As a novice driver, I am not comfortable with swerving the car just to avoid a pothole, so the annoyance of hitting a pothole and the possibility of damaging the car suspension is a problem in my day-to-day life. To solve this issue, I thought about a way to collect pothole data through cars and then sending this information to the related agencies so they know where to conduct repairs. Check out the tutorial here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … der-4d78f3”></LINK_TEXT>

Arduino & ASP.NET Core Project: Weather Station

This project includes an Arduino-based weather station, an ASP.NET Core MVC data presentation page, and an ASP.NET Core WebAPI. The collected data is sent using ESP8266 and written to the SQL Server database via WebAPI. Check out the tutorial here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ion-62aed0”></LINK_TEXT>

Education with IoT- LoRa+Arduino - Some Assembly Required #2

This is an end-to-end demo using a duino device and one of my Windows 10 IoT Core LoRa field gateways to remotely monitor temperature and humidity as an example of a bit-bashed digital sensor. I have based this project on a solution built by students at a maker class I run at a local school. Check out the tutorial here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … d-2-718345”></LINK_TEXT>

Face Recognization Smart Lock with LTE Pi HAT

[youtube]<LINK_TEXT text=“ …”></LINK_TEXT>[/youtube]

In this project, we plan to take pictures with picamera and recognize faces in them, then display recognition result in the screen. If faces known, open the door, and send who opened the door to a specified phone number via SMS. Check out the tutorial here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … hat-abcec9”></LINK_TEXT>

Smart Poetic OLED Display Badge

[youtube]<LINK_TEXT text=“ …”></LINK_TEXT>[/youtube]

This is a small, smart OLED badge that displays logos, messages, and poems. Check out the tutorial here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … dge-c2900f”></LINK_TEXT>

GreenHouse Monitoring System

[youtube]<LINK_TEXT text=“ …”></LINK_TEXT>[/youtube]

Android application monitoring system for GreenHouse, several sensors for reading data and send to the application. Check out the tutorial here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … tem-1c174c”></LINK_TEXT>

Smart Air Pollution Monitor

Determining air pollution throughout the city in real-time is a difficult task. We can use the vehicles to monitor the air quality instead. Check out the tutorial here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … tor-e85e10”></LINK_TEXT>

Interfacing Grove Speech Recognizer with Arduino

[youtube]<LINK_TEXT text=“ …”></LINK_TEXT>[/youtube]

This is a quick tutorial on how to interface the Grove speech recognizer module with Arduino board, you can use this module to control your home appliances (Tv, lights, temperature…) or make your voice controlled the robot. Check out the tutorial here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ino-5ae713”></LINK_TEXT>