More problems with XIAO esp32s3 and Waveshare 2inch LCD Module (ST779)

Has anyone successfully made the esp32se sense work with the Waveshare 2 inch LCD module or maybe any ST7789 display?? i posted some days ago about the problems I was having getting the XIAO esp32s3 working with the Waveshare 2 inch LCD Module;

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I did finally get it working (kinda) but I still have a problem making it work correctly. I’m using Bodner’s tft_espi drivers from github. The LCD is 240x320 (defaulting to portrait). No matter what I do, all I can use of the screen is 240x240 pixels. I tried multiple combinations of 240x320, 320x240, and set_rotation. The set_rotation works in that it will change the format of the 240x240 box as verified from text printed to the screen. Theres a pic of the the setup to help with the explanation below. The setup does work well with the espc3 in the picture with the same sketch and drivers with just a single jumper connection changed so I know the LCD works.

My best guess is that there is just something strange going on with the s3/driver combination. In a lot of posts I see, the s3 is still not fully supported in a lot of areas and when it is, its usually the dev board that has pins that the XIAO s3 doesn’t have. (Not knocking the s3, just the way it is)

Hello! After see your description, we have test our board with the screen which driven by st7789, we found it is well, so we think maybe there need some edit for the library file you include.

Thanks for the effort but could you pass on a little more information? As;
Did you have to change/modify any of the library files?
Are you using the Waveshare board or another 7789 board?
What is your wiring setup? Is it like the one I posted?
Can you include your test sketch. Are there changes from the one I posted?

By the way, the link to the other post I reference above is;

Not sure how it got shortened to the general forum address.