More configurations available ?

Is possible using more confirugations/settings after start ? more variants, where in one is one channel using, one is for 2 channel etc…

Depends on which application firmware you are using. Wildcat for example supports saving and loading 10 different configurations.

I am using my new DSO Quad ( 2.81/1.62/1.13 ) with oficial firmware (I think).

What could be best firmware for it ?

So far there as been little or no reports here of using the alternative firmwares with the new hardware 2.81.

However, Wildcat (in a recent thread) has looked at the hardware changes between 2.7 and 2.8 and thinks that the standard alternatives which run in the normal app slots should be OK. Providing you have a back up HEX to reload the official 2.81 app then it is pretty safe to try this out.

Personally I use Wildcat 3.3 as being much superior to the standard app that came with 2.7 but I don’t know what has changed in the 2.8 standard App.

Would you be able to download DFU for me please? I have “lost” mine and there’s no DFU for HW2.81 on wiki :frowning:

You can find my whole story here


Still need 2.81 DFU? I have a working 2.81 so I might be able to help…