monome board

I know that due to licensing you cannot sell the unsped board, but what if you made your own? You sell seeeduino’s so why couldn’t you spec out a board that had just an ATMEGA168 and FT232 driver and the MAX7219 for LED’s and with the 164 and 165 chips for buttons. I don’t think that it has to have all the arduino stuff and it wont need the shield business and most importantly, it wouldn’t need to worry about licensing because it would be new.

The monome board uses other chips so its not like it is copying off of that.

I have tried to make the board as described based on the RBBB (Really Bare Bones Board) from and a ft232 usb serial card and then of course the Max and other chips but I have never designed PCB’s before so it is taking a while as it is a learning experience.

Is this something that you guys would be able to do? I know I would buy some…

We are working on the rainbowduino which you could use it as a monome control, it will be released likely in Feb. :slight_smile: