Monitorlift for 7inch RPi Display


i hope that im right in this forum.
I want to build a “jukebox” with a raspberry pi.
Ill do it with Voluminuo. I have an old Radio where you can open a cover plate on the top.
As i read that voluminio works with the original 7 inch touch display for the rpi, i want to use it.
Until this i think there will be no problem.

Now the reason why im here: I want that the display “drives” up when i open the cover plate.
Where i need help or ideas for the “monitorlift” for the 7" Display, is the mechanical part and the motor part.

My ideas until now:

  • simply use a CD-drive, to lift the 7"-screen. But i think its not a realy nice solution and maybe it doesnt drive high enough.

  • motor with a gear and something like a threadshaft

  • is there maybe something ready i could buy (i only found monitor lifts for like 17" screens and bigger/ TVs; but nothing comparable for 7")

  • what motor would i need?

Thanks a lot for your ideas and your help!

I have encountered a similar problem recently, and I am trying to solve it

Some of my friends suggested that I change a monitor. Maybe you can also try TFT LCD. I’ve used it before. It’s really an excellent monitor