Moisture sensors bad value

Hello, i have installed
Grove base kit with raspbery on pi4b form this tutorial:

i have this sensor :
I have a problem with numerical values :frowning:
In tutorial are these values: 0-300 300-600 600- or higher.
If I put the moisture to moist soil, it comes > 1800
how can i fix it please?

Hi @dxtx:
can you give me the connection of hardware? and only sign area can be used as below pic.

i h ave all componnets from Grove base kit with raspbery pi 4b:

l2c - first port - LCD display
D5 - DHT11
D16 - grove relay
A0 - grove Moisture sensor

Python defined:

def main():
lcd = JHD1802()
teplota = DHT(β€˜11’, 5)
spinac = GroveRelay(16)
puda = GroveMoistureSensor(0)

I checked the soil sensor connection and pulled it up - problem is same - the sensor shows very high values.

Hi @dxtx:
Can you give me the data that disconnect the soil sensor? like this.

and we can get as below data.

I don’t understand your request.
Here is foto rapsberry how i have connected it.

Here is program output from sensor:

Hi @dxtx :
It is a good choice to only the humidity sensor is left on the basehat and the others are unplugged then run

this was, of course, the first option I tried. Unfortunately, the result is the same. The sensor shows very high values ​​in any A port. How can this be fixed, please?


HI @dxtx:
did you use this code

same problem :frowning:

Hi @dxtx:
1.Can you disconnect all elements and only connect to this.
2. and run the code.
I would say, I want to know the Basehat is whether damage.

Here is output with disconnect all elements:Screenshot_50

Hi @dxtx:
I would say, the base-hat is normal to work. because I got the same data from my basehat.
So the wiki needs to update. thanks for your feedback.

OK, thank you,
can you please write what are the new values ​​for the definition soil moisture -
In wiki is now - 0-300 dry; 301, 600 moist; > 600 wet

dry - 0 - ?
moist - ? - ?
wet - > ?

Thank you

Hi, i have exactly the same problem with the Capacitive Moisture Sensor (Corrosion-Resistant) attached to the Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi, did you ever fixed the problem?

Issue still exists :frowning:

Code source: Wiki

Measurements in wet soil (whole sensor part is under soil)

Can someone help me with this?