Modular Blocks Idea

I wonder if this will be helpful, if we build some cute boxes that can fit the size of Groves or Xadows chips with their extended connections, then when one wants to connect two chips together, he or she can simply put together the boxes, which have snap fit or magnets fit designs.

Colors can also be added to boxes to help identify the modules inside, like blue box for sensors, yellow box for displays and white for powers.

Here are some parts that inspired us, will it be nice if seeed parts have a modular box too?

Moss Modular Robot Part

I want to post a video here, but im not allowed to post an off-site URL. If you are interested, you can search “make it wearable team blocks”
Modular Watch Design (@INTEL make it wearable)

We actually have some similar products here.

Tell me what you think?

Looks great. what’s more, you can send it to WISH to let more people know it. :smiley:

I saw the color/mark stuff at MakeBlock’s modules. Very good idea. Helpful for users to connect things in the right order.

Looks great! i think the Xadow shell we can printing by SLA printer, it can make it more meticulous.