Modern SDK for RePhone (on a modern host OS!)

Windows is in the past…
Posix has taken the top role for developers.
Few people use the backwards WinBloze “os” (loosely applied term - it is not an OS) for development for anything other than WinBloze.

We need RePhone development kit for a modern OS - and yesterday (since RePhones are in the wild).

What is the schedule for moving RePhone development out of the middle of last century on toward the end of the last century and maybe into this century?

I’m agree with the idea, that Windows-only orientation in RePhone (and MTK) SDK, while almost all major vendors doing all the things as cross-platform as possible, is a shame and a very strange decision.

And also as far as I can see, RePhone is not as opesource as promised :’(

But the tone of the original post is a bit “childish”, I’d say, so the developers can ignore it due to that.