Moderate spammers

Could some moderator please stop all those spammers?

Hi there,

Are there any username you can provide we would ban them.


The last two posts of this thread : viewtopic.php?f=1&t=583 (by ddwes and meadows).
These posts viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3227 – even thanked by you! :open_mouth:
There were others (IIRC that tried to sell shoes), too, but seems they’ve been taken care of.

Please also delete their posts. Here are some active spammers:


Are we gonna see some action from the forum moderators soon? The spam problem is getting pretty bad.

:slight_smile: Thanks for your feedback , tormod . All the spammers have been deleted.
Very thanks .


Thanks for cleaning up, deray! The battle continues, here are more spammers:

Hi tormod,
Thanks for you great help, it have been solved .
I was graduated from the university this year , new to work . There is a question i am confused. Why do there so many spammers ? Some spammers is for the purpose of advertisement , but what about others ? Some one just reply post that same as other guys have said .

Thanks in advance for your response.


It is always about advertisement. Usually they have links to product sites in their posts. These links can be hidden (or the spammers try to hide them) with the sole purpose to get higher ranking for the target sites in the search engines. Sometime these links don’t end up correctly in the post because the forum software does not accept the syntax (e.g. HTML tags) that the spammers include. Some spammers may also post a number of link-free posts to get around forum filters and gain “credibility” before they post advertisements. The ones copying some phrases from earlier posts in a thread are the most difficult to spot, a clever trick I must admit :slight_smile:

The Seeedstudio forum posts have a “Report this post” button ("!"), so everybody can help out spotting spam posts. But it requires that the forum moderators follow up and take action with it.

A few more:

Thanks for cleaning up the above. New ones:

Seeed has to come up with a better solution for this. Until then, more spammers:

hi tormod , thanks again :smiley:

Active spammers:

Active spammers:

More spammers of the advanced kind:

jojok168 – search.php?author_id=11118&sr=posts

If anyone knows more spammers,please let’s know. Thanks.

If anyone knows more spammers, please let’s know.

I have posted a few more spammers in this thread, but my posts don’t show up. Strange.

You can put a new post and list spammers in it.