Modbuss poll Timeout, via USB or RS485 adaptor


I am trying to figure out how Modbus RTU works with SenseCAP device (S1000).

I have service USB cable connected, also RS485 cables are connected to RS485-to-ETH adaptor.
Using “SenseCAP One Configuration” tool, everything looks good, it can connect to the device and read values.

Then I disconnect “SenseCAP One Configuration” and try to connect via “Modbus poll”:

But I get Timeout error for any combination of settings I try:

I guess the correct Slave ID should be 43, but I tried all other numbers from 1 to 50!

Now my questions are:
1- Is it even possible to use service USB as Modbus RTC port?
2- I tried our RS485-to-ETH interface, Modbus poll gets connect to it and sends packet but again there is no response from SenseCAP device on RS485 lines.
3- To use RS485 protocol, do we need to disconnect USB cable first?

Thank you