MMA6670 beta Accelerometer. No serial output

I got my beta MMA6670 in the mail a few weeks back. I Just got around to testing it with the sample code provided on the product page.

Hooking it up pin to pin I get no serial output, not even X 0, Y 0, Z 0. Nothing comes up in the serial console. But if I unplug one of the data pins I then get a 0 reading for all the axis. Are the pins switched or something?

Anyone gotten an MMA6670 working correctly yet?


Normally, MMA7660 will generate x=y=z=0 after initialization。
Make sure all the pins are connected to the seeeduino/arduino correctly, and check whether the IIC address(0x4c)for MMA7660 is correct。
You can also try to read the other User Registers(0x03-0x0a), if all the User Registers are read as 0 and the pins are connected correctly,this module you buy maybe somehow be broken during the shipping(we had checked all modules before we ship)


I will double check everything tomorrow. I do not think the module is faulty. I am sure its user error. I will post back tomorrow with my findings.