Missing shipment for over 60 days now - Communication stoppe


my three orders were supposed to ship over 60 days ago. Two of them arrived, the other one didn’t.

I contacted your support multiple times, but Xiang Fan put me off evey time. We are on email number 11 by now, and communicaton just stopped.

I have received multiple shipments from you in the past without any trouble, but this behaviour drives me nuts. Please answer, talk to me, communicate - and stop putting me off.

I really see this as a last resort, so please fix it. Resend or refund.

You can reach me via mail at schmidt (at) datenaura.com, you have the mails on file.

Christian Schmidt.

Hey Christian, i am very sorry for the late reply. We will re-send your missing parcel ASAP.

So here is the proven remedy for unresponsive support. :slight_smile:

Which, as a fact, is very nice. Now let’s see how things go.

Too bad I had to resort to (ab-)using the forum for this.