Missing LED and Buzzer files after 64-bit Raspbian-reTerminal install

I’ve recently flashed the 64-bit 2022-07-21-Raspbian-reTerminal image provided by Seeed in the wiki and the system files to control the LEDs and the Buzzer are missing.

According to the wiki (3 User Programmable LEDs and Buzzer), when I cd into /sys/class/leds, I should see three folders:


However, these folders are missing. Instead, here is what I see:

pi16@pi16:/sys/class/leds $ ls
default-on  mmc0  mmc0::

After flashing the Raspbian-reTerminal image to the device, I followed the procedure to instal the reTerminal drivers and I’ve upgrade Raspberry Pi OS and the installed packages.

How can I control the LEDs and the buzzer? What am I missing?

Hi please try the steps here: FAQs for reTerminal Usage - Seeed Wiki
Let us know how it goes.

Thank you. This has solved the issue.

Later I also found this GitHub issue, and I very much agree with @matsujirushi, the default behaviour should be to have #dtoverlay=reTerminal-bridge commented out.

IMHO, this is confusing because:

  • I installed an OS image provided by Seeed, but the basic functionality is broken.
  • Not everyone who has a reTerminal has a a E10-1 Bridge, so why prioritize the E10-1 integration?

Thanks for the prompt support!