Missing Invoice, no support response

I am having trouble to get invoices for my orders.

I got the orders shipped but I need a legal invoice for those orders. The ones I can download on the website don’t have a Date when the items where shipped or when the invoice was set up.

I contacted the support about this 16 days via contact formula and 10 days ago via email on support@seeed.cc.

I didn’t get any response while I know other business partner get a response after 48 hours.

I need help to get those invoices as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience, can you tell me your email address and I will urge them to get back to you as soon as possible. The Chinese New Year is approaching recently, so the billing speed and response may be a little slow, thank you for your patience.

Morning mate, is there a way to give you this information in private? I don’t want m email adress to be posted on a public forum. I tried to send you a private message but I am not allowed to do so in this forum.

You can email me individually