Missing instructions on "building with gcc" wiki page

On http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/DSO_Nano/gcc there is no information on how to find or download the ST libraries. If you follow the instructions as I did on a brand-new Ubuntu machine (VM), you get a compile error on the make:

…/…/…/DS0201_APP/source/stm32f10x_vector.c:19: fatal error: stm32f10x_lib.h: No such file or directory

I assume that the necessary files are available in downloads from this page: http://www.st.com/internet/mcu/product/164493.jsp but which one? and how to install it?

Please respond here, and if you have the right to, please also update the wiki page.

I am an experienced software developer, somewhat less experienced embedded and hardware dev, but new to the STM32 series. I purchased the DSO Nano to add a second channel for use in some radio direction-finding gear. I’m also interested to hear from anyone who has integrated a 3D compass chip…

Clifford Heath.

Hi Clifford,
The ST libraries are included in the git repository, inside the “library” folder, so that should not be an issue. Make sure you follow the instructions closely. The library files are built twice, for APP and LIB, with some differences, so the “make clean” in between is important. I will retest the instructions later on a clean install and modify the instructions if needed.

My fault. It turned out to be a strangeness of the remote filesystem mount into the virtual machine, which Parallels (on my Mac) provided. The “inc” directory in “library” could not be seen - purportedly because of a cyclic symbolic link - though I couldn’t see a symlink anywhere. Odd.

Once I copied the files locally to the VM and did a “git reset --hard”, all was well. Thanks!

Good you sorted that out. BTW I don’t remember exactly what was wrong with the 2010.09-51 Codesourcery version, but out of curiosity I checked now if there was a newer version out. Now that Mentor has bought up Codesourcery, they have put up a registration form for browsing and downloading the releases now (the direct links still works though). Irritated by this I surfed around a bit (and found others equally irritated) and found this:
where nice, fresh binary packages are offered (for Linux and Windows), without any hassles. I tried the gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_6-2012q1-20120316.tar.bz2 and it builds the dso-firmware tree without problems. The APP binary even shrunk from 28k to 24k! So I guess this toolchain is what I will be recommending from now on.