Missing dht20.py library

it seems the dht20.py library is missing on the component wiki page

There is a visible green link that leads to other file that is using the library, not being the library itself.

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In my case there was a message. ‘This type of file can harm your computer’. Hope seedstudio will look into this matter.

The linked file is clearly incorrect. Additionally, the instructions in the manual for Raspberry are misleading (copy-pasted from a different page and not edited properly). I am spending hours looking for a different source just to run this basic component. That all was supposed to be so easy :confused:

I urge to seeedstudio team to take a look at this discussion and solve this problem.

Sorry for the long wait, I have noticed the problem and I will urge the engineers to change the link to the library as soon as possible, please wait.

I see that the code base is linked inside our resources section and you can use it first.

I used the library given there and the example code given earlier in the wiki and i get this error