Missing dead link in website

How can I reflash the recomputer 2022 device? sdk manager does not see the device. I corrupted the OS inside.

The tutorial link on for the wiki is missing in

this page is missing:

The other documents here may help: A205 Carrier Board for Jetson Nano/Xavier NX/TX2 NX with compact size and rich ports (6 CSI Camera, 2 HDMI, 5 SATA, M.2 key E supported etc.) - Seeed Studio

The page you sent is just product description page. recomputer 2022 is not this I guess. The wiki page for how to reflash the device is MISSING.

ok in order to access the device recovery mode, we need to connect the device to computer using usbc port of the device. then FC REC and Ground pins should be connected to each other using a jumper etc. Then the device should be plugged to power. The computer (SDK MANAGER NVIDIA) will see the device and we can flash it.

after flashing the connection between FC REC and ground should be removed or the device will stay at recovery mode.