Missing Arduino Board Support Package.json file for LinkIt™ 7688 Duo

The Seeed download link is DEAD!
Someone please send me Arduino Board Support Package file:
Please help, I’m completely stuck, thanks.

Hello, MTK this project has been discontinued, all the resources have been invalid, but fortunately there are still some relevant resource information here, you can find whether there is the information you need

Okay, I found it on GitHub and was able to compile the needed file after hacking the Python script. All is working as expected now. The script expects to download the json file from Mediatek so I had to feed in a sample from a different product and then fix it up. 3 hours of work because the people at MediaTek are evil and uncaring.

Hi, I’m glad you were able to solve the problem

If someone still need the Arduino BSP json file for the Linkit Smart 7688, it can be found here: https://repository.pangzhai.xyz/LinkIt/7688/package_mtk_linkit_smart_7688_index.json