Minimum steps to use Grove Red LED Matrix with DriverHT16K33 on Raspberry Pi with Python


I’ve purchased a Grove Red LED Matrix with DriverHT16K33 ( to use it with my Raspberry Pi project.

Currently, there is only an extensive Arduino library with sample code available, Rasp. Pi is still “To Do”.

I’ve tried to create minimum code to enable the LED matrix to light up as a python program, however this is not working, I do not see any results on the matrix. Essentially I’m experimenting with how to initialize the device, but I think I’m missing something. Then I’m sending sample data to light up all 8x8 LEDs:

from smbus import SMBus

i2cbus = SMBus(1) # Create a new I2C bus
i2caddress = 0x70 # Default Address of device

#i2cbus.write_word_data(i2caddress, 0x21, 0) # Initiate Oscillator
#i2cbus.write_word_data(i2caddress, 0xE0, 0) # Initiate Brightness
#i2cbus.write_word_data(i2caddress, 0x80, 0) # Initiate Blink Type

i2cbus.write_word_data(i2caddress, 0x20, 0b00100001) # Initiate Oscillator
i2cbus.write_word_data(i2caddress, 0x80, 0b10000001) # Initiate Blink Type & Display On

values = [0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff]
i2cbus.write_i2c_block_data(i2caddress, 0x00, values)