Mini Soldering iron review

I bought one of the mini soldering irons, to use as a travel iron, and thought I’d post a couple thoughts about it.

First off, I do like it. It’s small, heats up quick quickly, and does a pretty good job.

The only problem that I have with it is that I want it (and it seems to be aimed) as a travel iron. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to carry as one might like. You need an Allen wrench to insert a/o remove the tip, and you’ll definitely want to remove that tip before you pack it to avoid breaking the unit in half. Seeed is kind enough to provide the wrench and a spare screw, but no safe way to carry them. I’d suggest a pair of threaded holes to store the extra screws, and some way to insert the Allen wrench into the handle.

The bag that’s given with the unit is a nice touch, but it’s just a little too small to hold the handle, tips, power supply and power supply cord. That makes it rather useless. It only needs to be a little bit bigger…

so, four stars out of five. Keep it up!


Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

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SeeedStudio Technical Support Team