Mini Push Button Switch - with LED holder

I have a few questions but they all revolve around these buttons

the 64 button pcb uses the Monome like all in one button and thats ok and works fine. but i was looking for an alternative that I could alter the color of the LED’s The mini push button w/ led holder buttons seems like a good solutions but there is another thread that shows them to have a different footprint of the monome like buttons.

My questions:
1.) do you have the schematics for both the Monome like all in one button and the mini push button w/ led holder

2.) when making the PCB in eagle, do you have the libraries used for those buttons to be placed on the pcb using the add dialog? I was going to go through the task of switching the 64 button pcb to use the other buttons. this would give people an option to use both button types you offer.

These are OEM buttons, no datasheet so far. The pinout a different for directly use on 64 button pcb.

I’ll check if there is compatible ones, thanks! :slight_smile:

Guys, you will love this one: … p-343.html


awesome! now I can make a blue arduinome with those buttons!

and those buttons are not showing up in the [Monome related] link in the nav section of the depot. but i do find them in the buttons and switches section.

Nice, I still have a button PCB and buttons that I need to solder together!

watch those led leads, they will miss the whole and when you push the button in, the leads will slide up.

i think it took me about 10 minutes to put all teh buttons on the board before soldering because sometimes i would have to push in a lead in the hole. but it works best when you start with one side, then push the other side in slowly.