Mini Megaduino

Mini-Megaduino, what is it? A bread-boardable version of the Arduino Mega, has all the same I/O of the Arduino Mega and all it’s other features.

Should be the first Mega 3rd party board? :slight_smile: Wonderful work!

very impressive work mate!

I think it is! I just have to make sure all the pins are working right, I already tested the digital I/O and there fine.

Also it goes to show you, you don’t have to have a fancy setup to make PCBs and solder SMD components.

All I used was a $34.00 Elenco soldering station, some flux and some wick. I even had to unsolder the TQFP-100 and remount it on another board, used chipquik for that. Made the PCB in Eagle cad on my imac.

so what is your plan for the mini megaduino and the nano boarduino concept you have concocted?

Will either of these be produced / sold thru seeed studio? I would buy - but not if I have to build it myself.

Anyhow, just wondering.

Yes I would like to sell them but if I am to sell them myself they would most likely be boards only as I don’t have the time to hand solder these. I’d even be willing to make a kit with all the parts. I’m figuring that out now.

Is there not some potential for a partnership with SeedStudio to manufacture / distribute these?

I would much prefer completed product to kit version…

In fact I will go as far to say that I would not be interested in a kit version.

i think a kit version would be pretty awesome.
Sure an assembled version would be good too but a kit could be fun.

We are preparing Propaganda Kit Service at this very moment, Can’t wait to propose on Mini Megaduinos kits… :smiley:

That would be awesome!

Well i think you should do this:

Distribute it with SeeedStudio

Make a whole new starter Kit, not like the ones in makershed, they suck.

Hoping to see it up and running, i swear as soon as they are selling anywhere i’ll buy them!

what happened to makershed?

Did this ever become available as a product?

Whatever happened to this? I have seen simular 328 version, but not mega. I wouldn’t mind having one of these, but the eyes don’t do surface mount like they once did. :frowning:

It’s still around, but I’m helping your eyes to designing a through hole version, of course barring the chips and USB connector.

Got cought up in some other things, designing a logic board for the arduinome project over at

But here is a rendering, though it’s a bit different now but some changes are ground and VCC on both ends, 3.3 broke out, changed the labels to be easier to read and killed all the silkscreen around the headers, and it’s a bit smaller, at 4"x1" now, so easier access to the bread board pinholes.

Here is a video of a little sequencer I’m working on for a friend using one of the original prototypes.

Looking good, but why not bring out the rest of the pins? I am always in need of more i/o I would probably be very happy with the other 16 pins as holes that I could solder wires or a 16 pin female connector to connect to like the seeedmega does. Running this parallel to to one of the existing rows of pins.

Is it possible to have a pin for the voltage that you put in from the power adapter?

This is amazing. How are you going with making these available?
You could probably sell a few very quickly

Well I still have the design and have made a thru-hole version works well, I’d love to sell them but I don’t have the manpower to soldering them together and that 100 pin chip can be a pain, I wouldn’t mind partnering up with seeedstudio. I was selling the 328 version on ebay, I build some once in a while and throw them up there.

Sure we are glad to help with that, please mail at kits[] and my colleague will follow up this this. Thanks!