Mini digital tweezers

Can the battery be easily replaced on the mini digital tweezers or is there no battery?

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Hi @timathis, There is a Built-in dual lithium battery in test arms, that can last 10 hours at a stretch with a single full charge that takes about 2 hours to charge.

DT71 Mini Digital Smart Tweezers - LCR/ ESR Meter, Multimeter, SMD Tester with Built-in Micro Signal Generator:

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I am very disappointed in the DT71 Digital Tweezers. I cannot recharge the built-in battery. I plug in the adapter, and a USB-C plug and the red LED comes on, but it is drawing virtually no current and never charges. When I received the DT71, the battery seemed to be charged, and it worked properly for many days. Two days ago, it seemed to be dead, so I plugged it in to charge. No luck charging it.

Thanks for the reply!
I really wanted to know if I can in the future replace the battery or is this a throw-away item in a few years?
After see the review on eeV blog I guess the answer is not replaceable.
Based on that I think I will return this unit unopened.

There are craftsmen who can replace the battery, I would look before putting the tweezers back !