MilCandy question

Hello Everyone,
Does anyone knows if it’s possible to use as input of the MilCandy a bluetooth brick?
I want to remotely control a relay brick, and if possibile this could be the cheap way.

Of course it’s not a problem the programming an arduino sketch.

Thanks in advance

Dear customer, … th=139_140
This is a RF wireless relay, you can remotely to control is with Milcandy or not.
But sorry that Bluetooth is serial port, Milcandy just only support analog port now so this RF module could be better.

Hope can help you.


Hi Yuri,
thank you very much for your reply, but I think that the proposed solution cannot be used in my particular situation.

I want to use such relay in order to open the door of a car box, so it’s important to secure the communication in the better way.

The bluetooth choice it’s a must in order to create a secure channel (implementing a custom logic with arduino programming).

Any plan to create a product like the proposed one, but with a bluetooth module (instead of the RF) and a programmable arduino?

Dear customer,

Arduino with program is definitely has secure the communication in the better way.
And Bluetooth also can communicate with PC or cell phone.
Depend on you.

Best regards,