MilCandy bootloader?

Does the MilCandy have a bootloader flashed into it already? (I have been unable to get avrdude/arduino tools to communicate with it).

hey,the firmware have been posted on our wiki:, and you need a UartSBee to communicate with MilCandy.

Thanks, indeed there is a bootloader (some variant of the ATmegaBOOT_168_pro_8MHz.hex based on the hex dump I got).
Apparently the install of Arduino on WinXP did not properly interface with UartSBee, but the Linux variant that I just tried does indeed correctly connect/download to MilCandy.

FYI it would be nice if the pads on the bottom of the board for an AVR programmer were aligned to a normal berg header. Understandably due to board density they can’t actually be thru-hole via’s.

Thanks again,