Micropython support for XIAO ESP32C3?

Could you please advise if or when micropython support will be available for XIAO ESP32C3?

Thank you.

HI, XIAO ESP micropython is available here

Thank you for the link.

I have followed the setup instructions on the git provided, however I have been unable to create the .bin file.

I have reviewed instructions for other esp32 boards to look for similarities and have advanced to the point where I can configure the makefile, however I am unable to create the unique .bin for the xiao esp32c3.

Any additional guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Hi, we have provided the BIN file here, please refer to.

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No need for a specially tailored firmware. You can use the ESP32-C3 firmware from the MicroPython download site: MicroPython - Python for microcontrollers

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That was easy! Big thanks.

Fyi I had no luck with that one and has to use the _usb variant here instead: https://micropython.org/download/esp32c3-usb/

I also had no luck with that one either…with both of these the xiao esp32c3 didn’t show a >>> prompt on the usb serial interface. Was there a hardware revision since this fork was built that changed how the usb port is implemented?

You are right about the USB version. I have rebuilt that again and loaded to a XIAO ESP32C3, which works fine.

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