MicroPython implementation for WioTerminal?

The WioTerminal is supposed to support MicroPython firmware.
I did located the ArduPy (and aip tool) however it is not a “True” MicroPython implementation I’m use to.

Could you inform me about the MicroPython portage for the WioTerminal?

Kind regards,

why do you say “ArduPy is not a True MicroPython implementation” ? Just different user interface.

Wio terminal also supports CircuitPython, which is the implementation of micropython. you can find more details here at https://wiki.seeedstudio.com/Wio-Terminal-CircuitPython/

Because I can’t use the regular tools (as RShell) I’m using since many years with all my other MicroPython board. So can’t manager files on the WioTerminal.

Can’t copy main.py file to the WioTerminal (with Rshell or even with “aip”)!


Hi Salman,
CircuitPython is a modified version of MicroPython (with different hardware API designed by Adafruit Industries).
I’m using the original MicroPython API for Hardware programming. This is why I’m looking for MicroPython firmware.